Bursa Food Sector Met with Foreign Buyers at the 6th Food Point

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) organized the 'Bursa Food Point' Buyers' Delegation Organization within the scope of the Processed and Frozen Food UR-GE projects, supported by the Ministry of Trade. The event took place on October 24-25, 2023 at the Merinos Ataturk Congress Culture Center. In its 6th edition this year, the program hosted foreign buyers from over 30 countries.
During the event, which is aimed at enhancing the international competitiveness of the food sector, Bursa companies engaged in bilateral business meetings with foreign buyers. Business people from various regions, ranging from Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan to Germany, established significant commercial connections with Bursa companies. The organization was undertaken by the Global Fair Agency operating under the umbrella of BTSO and approximately 70 companies have participated.

"We Will Continue to Bring Qualified Buyers Together with Our Participant Companies"
Ismail Kus, Vice Chairman of the BTSO Board of Directors, stated that they have been working under the motto "If Bursa Grows, Turkiye Grows" since taking office. He mentioned that in the 6th edition of the program, they had the opportunity to host nearly 200 foreign buyers from 30 different countries through 70 producer companies. Ismail Kus said, "We hope that the event we have realized today as bilateral business meetings will be crowned with a fair in the coming period, and we will sign a larger organization. We aim to contribute to the goals of our country. We will continue our efforts to bring qualified buyers from all over the world to Bursa at full speed."
"Our City's Exporter Identity Is Strengthening"
Arif Bayrak, Deputy Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, expressed his hope that the buyers' delegation organized by the BTSO would be beneficial for the Bursa economy. Emphasizing the importance of the events organized to increase exports in Bursa, Bayrak said, "Bursa is one of Turkiye's most important exporting cities. The exporter identity of our city is further strengthening under the leadership of BTSO. As Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, together with BTSO, we will continue our efforts with the belief 'If Bursa Grows, Turkey Grows.' I thank all stakeholders who contributed, and I wish the buyers' delegation success."
"UR-GE Projects Boosted Exports"
Burhan Sayilgan, Chairman of the BTSO Food and Packaged Products Council, stated that with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Bursa companies continued to introduce their products to foreign buyers through UR-GE projects led by BTSO. Sayilgan emphasized that the Bursa Food Point buyers' delegation event is one of the most important organizations held in this context, and he highlighted the rising export performance of the companies participating in the project. Sayilgan said, "Since the beginning of our UR-GE projects, we have had a rising momentum in exports. Our goal is to take this momentum even higher. In the coming years, we will continue to organize and expand our event with both participating companies from Bursa and buyers coming from abroad."

"We Met Buyers from Many Countries"

Yüksel Aktaş, the owner of Hacı Hasan Oğulları company and a participant in Food Point, stated that they hosted foreign buyers from more than 30 countries in the Buyer's Delegation organized by BTSO. Congratulating BTSO President İbrahim Burkay and his team for the organization, Aktaş said, "They visited our booths, experienced the beautiful products of Bursa. We had meetings with visitors from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, we invited our customers to our factory, ensuring a trust-based business. We want these organizations to continue growing."