About Bursa & The Project

Bursa, the city of fertile lands, is a city that offers its fertility to life with its productive plain, water resources and agricultural products that are the gift of a favorable climate.

It is a city of olives with its 12 million olive trees. The city makes a difference in the global market by exporting the olive, which has become a brand in Türkiye, to more than 50 countries. The city has the most preferred olive type among European countries, and produces 25 thousand tons of olive oil per year while meeting one-fourth of our country’s table olive needs.

Bursa is also the leading city in the production of ‘Deveci Pear’ and takes the lead in exports for this product. While 550 thousand tons of 24 million tons annual global pear production is carried out in Türkiye, Bursa undertakes 40 percent of this production.
With its geographical indication “Bursa Black”, which is considered the world's best quality black fig due to its taste, shelf life and big size, Bursa is a world champion in the production and export of the black fig in Türkiye, and moreover, in the world. Black figs, which are grown only in 40 villages of Bursa in the world, contribute 60 million dollars to the national economy.

Chestnut candy is a flavor identified with our city and all of its production in the country is made in Bursa. Bursa Chestnut Candy is now registered with a geographical indication mark with the initiatives of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The lands of Karacabey, known as the onion warehouse of Türkiye, and Mustafakemalpaşa, which meet most of the tomato paste needs of our region, also stand out with their productiveness. Incorporating modern agricultural techniques to increase fruit diversity, Bursa also directs exports in raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Businesses engaged in the production of honey, molasses, jam, confectionery, Turkish delight, halvah, industrial chocolate and coffee are expanding their product ranges day by day. The city is also home to large chains that extend to all areas of the food industry.

Bursa stands out with fresh vegetables, fruits, canned food and dairy products and meets 26 percent of the total fruit juice production in Türkiye. While our city improves its international competitiveness in dried nuts, it is also known with its bakery industry serving "always hot and fresh" bakery products to the consumers.

Bursa is undoubtedly an important gastronomy capital of Türkiye.

Seeing this potential and aiming to utilize it most efficiently for the benefit of Bursa, the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) organizes Food R&D (International Competitiveness Development) projects. Thanks to these projects, many food companies achieve significant gains in export, institutionalization, and efficiency. The first UR-GE project, which started in 2016, yielded important opportunities with eight training and consultancy sessions, four purchasing delegations attended by over 600 foreign buyers from nearly 40 countries in Cologne, Dubai, and Paris. While exports in the food sector increased by 5% in Türkiye in the past 3-year period of the projects, the exports of the Food Point attendant companies, which serve according to the technical standards of HACCP, ISO 2200, IFS, Halal Food, BRC, GLOBALGAP, increased by 82% in the same period. This is a result of the concerted effort of a large team united under the motto "Bursa Grows, Türkiye Grows" in Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is possible within the framework of UR-GE projects of 'Improving the International Competitive Power of Bursa Processed Food Producer Companies' and 'Improving the International Competitive Power of Bursa Dairy, Fresh Vegetable, Fruit, and Frozen Food Producer Companies' carried out in the Chamber. 

The Food Point Buyers’ Delegation Event/ B2B Meeting is organized every year under the joint framework of these projects, bringing together the pioneers of Bursa food industry and buyers and importers from all around the world. We welcome and accommodate international buyers interested in importing a variety of processed, fresh, and frozen food products from Bursa.

At Food Point, our guests have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Bursa food market and its companies, potentially forging new business relationships and agreements. They achieve this not only by reviewing the showcased food products of Bursa companies at the event but also by engaging in business-to-business (B2B) meetings with company executives. 

The Food Point Event typically spans two days each year and takes place at an exhibition center in Bursa.

Taking firm steps towards new achievements with giant brands, Bursa continues to be the pride of Türkiye in food production and exports.

Come & join us as Bursa grows, Türkiye grows!