Chairman's Message

Bursa is among the leading brand cities of the world with its dynamic population, rising economy, historical values and cultural heritage due to being home to many civilizations.
Our city, which has a strategic location among the key markets in Europe, the Middle East and Russia, provides access to a population of 1.6 billion within a 4-hour flight distance.
Bursa, the production and export base of Turkey, is a global attraction center for investors with its foreign trade volume approaching 25 billion dollars, entrepreneurial ecosystem, innovative industries and socio-cultural living standards.
Today Bursa, which is known as the industrial capital of Turkey with 17 organized industrial zones and one free zone, has an important share in the food and agricultural production of our country with its agricultural resources, fertile lands and high production power in addition to its developed industry.
Thanks to its geographical structure and favorable climatic conditions, we have companies operating in almost every field in the food industry in our city, which produces agricultural products that are very rich in quality, quantity and variety.
Our enterprises are able to compete with the strongest companies in the world in their fields with the production quality they have achieved, especially fruit juices, canned foods, tomato pastes and frozen food products.
As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we also aim to showcase the economic and human wealth of our city in the global market with new collaborations.
For this purpose, we have brought together dozens of companies operating in different production areas in the food industry with the Development of International Competitiveness Project that we have initiated within our Chamber with the support of our Ministry of Trade.
While our companies gain the ability to act together with the corporate identity of “Bursa Food Point”, they continue to develop their commercial connections in line with the work of our Chamber.
As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is one of the long-established and most powerful institutions of our country with its more than 50 thousand members, we will continue to support the efforts to realize trade based on mutual gain.
In this context, I hope that your business negotiations with our participating companies will be beneficial and I extend my respects.
İbrahim Burkay
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry President of the Board of Director