Bursa Food Producers were in Germany for Cooperation

Bursa, one of Turkey's most important food production centers, aims to boost exports in the German market. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) bring together 75 Turkish companies with German business world with B2B Meetings.

Bursa continues to work to strengthen trade bridges with Germany in the food sector. BTSO food sector representatives met German business world representatives before the one of the world's largest food fairs, Anuga Fair. "Improvement of International Competitiveness of Food Industry in Bursa"  Ur-Ge Project members and Bursa food sector representatives sought to cooperate with German business representatives.

BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur said that Bursa has an important experience in the field of food sector. Onur expressed that food, agriculture and livestock sector is one of the strategic areas for Turkey and said "Fresh vegetables, livestock and processed food holds an important place for Bursa. Our city has proximity to major consumption centers, export potential, conscious agriculture practices. As Bursa's business world we want to increase our weight in the German market. Cooperation platforms will strengthen the trade bridges between Turkey and Germany."

Mustafa Hilmi Aşkın, the Commercial Attaché of the Consulate General of Dusseldorf, stated that BTSO members could be even stronger in the German market and thanked the BTSO for the organization.
BTSO Council Member and Head of the Delegation Burhan Sayılgan said that Bursa companies could take more place in the German market with their production experience.

MÜSİAD North Rhine-Westphalia President Bahattin Yılmaz stated that there are 60 thousand Turkish companies in Germany, of which 50 percent are operating in North Rhine-Westphalia. Yılmaz said “BTSO held a beautiful organization. Quality of Bursa companies is quite good. Companies which came to Germany know what they sell and what they want. "

BTSO Member Faruk Bilge who participated in B2B meetings said that it was the first time he had issue a passport through BTSO. Bilge said that he had the opportunity to make business negotiations on the day he first came to Germany. "I have never had the opportunity to export products abroad until now. I was able to go abroad for the first time with BTSO organization. I made important negotiations. I believe that our visit to Germany will be very productive in terms of my company ".