Contact Person: Ayhan Demir
Phone: 0224 267 07 50
Fax: 0224 267 00 59
Address: Ovaakça Santral Mah. İstanbul Cad. No:646 Osmangazi / BURSA - TÜRKİYE
Website: www.ipekpismaniye.com.tr
E-mail: ademir@ipekpismaniye.com.tr, bilgi@ipekpismaniye.com.tr

Pişmaniye (a sweet in fine strands made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar) was first produced by a confectioner in the Kandıra district of Kocaeli. The continuation of the production was by an Armenian named Hacı Agop, one of the tradesmen of Kandıra. In 1919 İbrahim Çınar from İzmit learned about the production of pişmaniye and continued it in his own city. As years went by, the production of pişmaniye progressed rapidly in İzmit and Lütfü Canıgeniş, who worked as a master at Patır Confectionery at that time, laid the foundations of today by establishing İpek Pişmaniye in 1954.

After this year, İpek Pişmaniye, which has always broke grounds in the production of pişmaniye, has also trained many masters since its establishment. İpek Pişmaniye, which always acts with the responsibility of being the first in its field, has made it its mission to work in high quality, clean and hygienic conditions since the day it was established.

İpek Pişmaniye, which has always been innovating in its field, launched the chocolate-covered little pişmaniye balls called Candy for the first time in 1993, followed by Tropik and Chocolate Saray Helvası products.

İpek Pişmaniye is the strongest and biggest pişmaniye producer today with a closed area of 2200 m2. The company, which employs many experienced personnel who adopt the same quality understanding, continues to increase this number day by day.
İpek Pişmaniye, a world brand, also has a trademark registration and exports to Germany, USA, Netherlands, Romania, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia and UAE, in addition to many sales points in İzmit and throughout Turkey.

The company, which started its operations in Bursa in 2004 as İpek Chestnut Candy, aims to take the product quality further every day under the umbrella of this brand.