Contact Person: Ömür YAYLA
Mobile: 0533 417 35 51
Phone: 0224 371 39 39
Fax: 0224 371 39 49
Address: Kurtuluş Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 232 Gürsu/ Bursa - TÜRKİYE

AROMA Bursa Meyve Suları ve Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. (AROMA Bursa Fruit Juices and Food Industry Inc.) was established on a land of approximately 75,000 m² in the Gürsu district of Bursa in 1968. With the investment thrust that started in 1991, the amount of fruit processed has been increasing day by day and Aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice filling facilities of the country. Aroma, which produces fruit juices, natural spring water and carbonated beverages, has a wide range of products. Semi-finished products (fruit concentrate and puree) and finished products are produced in its integrated facility. 

Aroma offers its 100% fruit juice and nectars under the brand names of "Aroma" and "Meyöz", its new generation functional and detox products under "Aroma Sa-de", its fruit drinks under "Aroma Tropical", its flavored drinks under "Meltem" and its carbonated drinks and lemonade under "Aroma" brands.

The water of Aroma, which has been in the water market with the "Aroma Ömer Duruk Doğal Kaynak Suyu (Natural Spring Water)" brand since 2004, comes out of the spring at an altitude of 2020 m at Mount Uludağ, and is healthy, delicious and easy to drink with its high pH value, rich mineral content and low sodium rate.
The export volume of Aroma, which aims to become a world brand, is also increasing every day. Currently it is actively exporting to 6 continents.

Aroma has contributed significantly to the development of the fruit juice market by making many innovations since the day it was founded, and is the pioneer and leader brand in the sector. The company is particularly unique by:
- Creating a brand new category in the sector by producing the first 100% fruit juice in Turkey and offering it to the consumers,
- Producing fruit juice in glass bottles of 1 liter for the first time,
- Being the leader in fruit juice market in the produce of glass bottles of 200 ml.