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Green Bursa, which lies in the foothills of magnificent Mount Uludağ, is one of the rare cities that houses many identities. It is a city of industry, tourism, history and above all, agriculture with important fertile lands. The meeting of the crystal waters of this city that flowed from Uludağ with the fertile lands of the plains yielded cornucopia. In addition to its developing industry and commerce, Bursa has always been famous for its agriculture and agricultural products, as well.

Bursa is one of the leading regions where food products are produced intensively. Fresh fruits and vegetables, livestock and processed food hold an important place in Bursa, which is the second exporter city of Turkey. The export amount of Bursa in terms of fresh vegetables, livestock and processed food was 257 million dollars last year. When the product processing capacities are examined, Bursa is remarkable with figures. According to the Top 250 Large Companies Research carried out by the BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in 2015, 29 out of 250 leading companies in Bursa operate in the sectors of food, agriculture and animal husbandry. These companies have an important place in the economy of the country with a sales turnover of 8,7 billion TL and added value of 1,34 billion TL.

Our city has managed to integrate the fertility of its lands with the proximity to major consumption centers, export potential, conscious agricultural practices and industry that processes agricultural products. 31% of the total area of Bursa is reserved for agriculture. While peaches, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and a wide variety of vegetables are among the most important products, Bursa lies in the first rank in terms of production and export of black figs. The Black Fig of Bursa is the only product that makes our country a brand in the international fruit market where Turkey has no competitors. The Black Fig of Bursa solely constitutes 60% of the total fig exports of our country. Today even the British Royal Family finds healing in the Black Fig of Bursa. Deveci pear is also a fruit with a geographical indication that is exported to many countries.

32% of the total tomato paste production of our country is met by facilities established in our city. Added value is created by processing the tomatoes of these lands. 
26% of the total fruit juice in Turkey is produced in the factories in Bursa.
The sector has gained a significant momentum in terms of frozen food and 45% of the frozen food of Turkey is produced by the companies located in our city. 
Gemlik olive is one of the symbol products of Bursa which is registered with its geographical indication. Bursa meets 13% of our country's table olives with 10 million 100 thousand olive trees and produces 2.228 tons of olive oil per year.
Bursa produces almost all of the chestnut candies which is a product identified with our city. The companies producing confectionery, jam and halva are expanding their product ranges day by day.
With the latest technology applications concerning bakery products, economic results are obtained in accordance with the standards.
Bursa, which has significant achievements in animal husbandry, is also the capital of white meat. Live chickens and chicks are exported from Bursa to all over the world. White meat exports are carried out in modern facilities and the needs of the domestic retail market are being met.

The villages and meadows of Bursa are strengthened concerning animal husbandry and Bursa impresses with its branded processed dairy products.
Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, is also a center from the gastronomic point of view. The most beautiful examples of the Turkish and the world cuisine attract people from all over the world and promote tourism, and important investments are drawn in ready-made meals and packaged foods.
Bursa is the place where products from all corners of Turkey are packed and branded...

The Food Development of International Competitiveness Project which is organized under the roof of the BTSO that works with the motto of “Bursa grows, Turkey grows” develops strategies and implements them in order to track new food technologies, accelerate R&D investments and enable the manufacturers to meet new markets. 

The companies of the BTSO Food Development of International Competitiveness Project operate as per the technical standards of HACCP, ISO 2200, IFS, Halal Food, BRC, GLOBALGAP. 
The availability of an accredited research institute in Bursa affiliated to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and its laboratories facilitate the penetration of the food companies of Bursa into the global markets.

29 companies that united under the roof of the BTSO, which works with the motto of "Bursa grows, Turkey grows", aim to reach new markets by gaining common action awareness with the support of the Ministry of Economy.
Now the companies operating in the food sector in Bursa are laying the foundations of a new food center with the current production diversity, innovative production perception, common cooperation capacity and growth ideal.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Directorate of R&D and Projects